The Laugh Overed Quickly






just looked through the #aminoasinine tag and boy is someone popular

 you have like 4 times as many blogfriends as i

Remember u have 3 options in game 1, more people become available in game 2 (including tali)

*calculator noises* well looks like my assumption was well founded

…unless one of those three options is a dude, which means one of the ladies would be unavailable (don’t tell me i relish the suspense)

but these future ladies (/dudes?) will have a high standard to overcome

this liara person seems real easy to romance if you’re not trying

however i am trying, so sorry

The only reason you don’t see females for a lot of species is there wasn’t enough storage space for the models or something but they exist

so just i’m to assume any given species has a two sex reproductive cycle unless stated otherwise

So are turians monosex or what

ohhhh I think I know what you’re talking about, yeah there’s no trick it just sucks. also they can’t jam your guns what are you talking about

then explain why i get two shots off before the gun and map parts of my ui start flashing red and suddenly clicking doesn’t make my gun shoot

Is this a mako segment or ?

WELL IT WAS until i got to a narrow crevice w/ high slopes around it which i took as the universal “rest of the mission’s on foot bucko” sign

ok so i’m on therum 

and i keep getting to this part where half the enemies fire lasers that kill instantly and the other half have devices that passively jam all my guns

understandably, whenever i get to this point, my entire squad is slaughtered before i get a chance to move my reticle to see who killing me

am i missing something?

Dance motherfucker dance motherfucker dance

Dance motherfucker dance motherfucker dance