Imhotep is Invisible

"man, nobody likes RPG’s nowadays, we gotta appeal to the fps fanbase. less costumizable weapon upgrades, more flat damage upgrades that are just permenant. less collecting new stronger versions of guns, more reloading. less charisma based stats, more cover mechanics. i wanna see nothing but ammo clips and waist high walls from you guys, come let’s go”

here’s a fic idea

henry and whoever are getting married, ricken is the best man.

ricken is waiting outside henry’s dressing room in a suit or whatever and then henry comes out, asking ricken how he looks. ricken is confused as to why henry is wearing a beaked mask. he explains it’s a plegian tradition, where the bride isn’t allowed to see the groom’s face until after the sacrifice is completed. what sacrifice, ricken asks. henry is confused

and it just spirals out of control as henry tries to rope ricken into fitting his morbid culture into an otherwise happy wedding

heads up, my new aai2 liveblog tag is “the edgeworth conspiracy”

man sometimes i can’t tell dark souls from elder scrolls form dragon age

by sometimes i actually mean consistently always

remember the time phoenix wright performed an exorcism during a murder trial and the prosecution still wasn’t satified

in other news

five pages of kc green’s sbahj


Fact: This is a first person shooter.

would laser weapons work on an invisible person

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I found an amazing cr1tikal clip that may as well have been a quote from Portal 2. I had to make a personality core edit. again.

first clip taken from this video, second clip from this video